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thouSense Lite -
Demand Forecasting
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Get rid of never-ending planning spreadsheets and predict your sales volume and demand trends in a matter of few clicks. Our AI/ML based, easy to use SaaS platform helps you predict future sales volume, anticipate demand trends & seasonality without compromising on accuracy.

Business Benefits

thouSense Lite specializes in
strategy, creativity, design, and
innovative technology

thouSense Lite is a no touch automated demand forecasting solution that predicts short term demand based on historical sales and other signals like weather/seasonality patterns, macroeconomic indicators, currency fluctuations and social media activities.


Reduce Stock outs and Inventory

Accurate demand forecasts allow you to order just enough stock to satisfy demand and reduce your cost of inventory as you won't be overstocking or understocking


Free Up Planner Capacity


Reduce Rush Orders


Improve Service Levels


Higher customer satisfaction index & brand reputation


Increase revenues and profits

Easy and Intuitive Process

How It Works

Data Preparation

Prepare data in the templates and upload/integrate with just a click

Cleaning and Transforming Data

We have automated all the configurations; just tell us the periodicity and horizon and we will create the forecast for you

Generate Forecasts & Reports

The forecast can be viewed and downloaded with all the possible filters

Our Plans

We offer great features
with best-in-class pricing


Data Ingestion - Flat Files Support (CSV)

Outlier Corrections

Adjust Forecast

Ability to handle weather data

Support through Chat and Email

Technical and Functional Assistance

SLA - Best Possible

Case Studies

ThouSense Implementation for India Business
of a Personal Care Giant

The implementation went seamless with Automated Data Ingestion Pipelines and DQ reports, No Touch Forecasting System, best in class Scenario Planning enabled with an additional Attribution layer to help users understand promo effectiveness and Return on Promotional Spends (RoPS)

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